Practical Tax Commandments for Advisers – Mason

Practical Tax Commandments for Tax Advisers reveals best practices and tips of the trade in operating an effective and responsible corporate tax function. It is explained by a former Head of Tax operating at an executive level within multinational companies. This book is relevant for tax leaders, tax managers, tax advisers (whether inside or external to the company) and all within the tax team, across all business sectors. General finance managers and tax authorities can also benefit from a better appreciation of how their colleagues in commerce operate.

This comprehensive guide covers how to create an exciting strategy, determine the right resources, become a great business partner, manage risk effectively, execute projects well, lean back-office processes efficiently, responsibly comply with global laws, account for results informatively, resolve disputes optimally and deliver a valuable and lasting contribution to the business world.

These skills are relevant to all trade sectors and all commercial leaders. These Tax Commandments exemplify the high ethical standards to which tax professionals commit to conduct global trade properly and fairly to best satisfy all stakeholders' demands.