Welcome to Preparing Audit Reports.

This practical guide explains what audit reports mean and gives guidance as to what the law and the standards require, supported by relevant examples. As well as statutory reports on UK companies of different sizes, it also covers regulated sector audit reports, including those on charities, pension schemes and friendly societies.

Guidance set out in Part I is based on the revised versions of the UK ISAs which are effective for accounting periods starting on or after 17 June 2016. Part II contains the example audit reports based on these current UK ISAs. Where the ISA does not currently include UK examples, the ISA examples have been tailored to the specific legal and professional requirements of the UK, for the purposes of this publication only.

This version of the guide was updated in August 2018 for the latest ICAEW Bannerman guidance where relevant and a new micro-entity example report. For more details, see What’s changed.

Preparing Audit Reports is authored by David Duvall FCA and our expert in-house technical team including Helen MacNeill FCA.

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