Catherine Willshire FCA, DChA and Iain Storey FCA from Price Bailey.

Preparing LLP Accounts 202021 explains how to interpret the latest accounting requirements under FRS 102, FRS 105 and relevant legislation to help you in preparing or reviewing LLP accounts. It covers LLPs of all sizes, appealing equally to finance staff, to new employees who want to get to grips with the main differences between LLPs as compared to companies and to experts seeking comprehensive reference material.

LLP accounting can be a complex area, with specific requirements. The guide takes a practical approach, stripping away unnecessary complexities with checklists and sample model accounts..

The guide is fully updated for legislation and accounting standards issued up to 30 April 2020, including latest Brexit legislation, FRS 105 amendments and the FRC auditors’ report bulletin. See what's changed for details of updates made.

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