Our Audit & Accounts Tools are a range of essential products including some of our most popular titles such as Private Company Audit System, Interactive Company Accounts Disclosure Checklist, Kestrian Model Accounts and Disclosure Checklists and Kestrian Company Audit System.

The audit tools are downloadable directly from Croner-i Tax and Accounting without the need to install a new generator at each update. Easy to use both online and offline, the templates each contain a detailed tailoring questionnaire and automatically hide worksheets and rows that are not relevant to your audit.

Our in-house writers and editors have many years’ experience of audit and accounting, so you can be sure that their analysis and commentary is both accurate and incisive. Furthermore, the products are updated in consultation with an editorial review board of experienced practitioners.

We welcome contact from our customers. If you have a comment on the editorial content of Audit & Accounts Tools, please email your views to content.queries@croneri.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like more information on any of the other services available in Audit & Accounts Tools please contact your account manager, telephone the Client Experience team on 0844 561 8166 or email client.experience@croneri.co.uk.