In response to demand from customers we have set up a library of resources to assist accountants performing probate work.

Currently this consists of the text of the leading legal commentary Rossdale on Probate and Administration of Estates and the practical commentary Finney on Personal Representatives.

There is a library of precedents which we are expanding and we will also be adding further case studies and checklists and a key data area. 

Key probate materials appear under the Inheritance Tax part of our legislation database. Because this information is held online, changes can be - and often are - made daily, so you can be sure that reference material is both accurate and up to date. When updates are required, rather than including the new information as an addendum, the commentary itself is changed, so there's no chance of missing important details.

We welcome contact from our customers. If you have a comment on the editorial content of Probate, please email your views to We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like more information on any of the other services available in Probate please contact your account manager, telephone Client Experience on 0800 231 5199 or email