Model file and best practice

This area of Navigate Audit contains a model file which will help you understand how to use the worksheets provided within PCAS and illustrates how the forms can be completed for reference purposes and to help train audit teams.  

It is based on a fictional UK manufacturing company ‘Brighter Networks Ltd’ that reports under FRS 102. Although the file has been completed for a private company, it may also serve as guidance for completing other audit programmes e.g. for charities, LLPs, academies. 

The model file is intended for illustrative purposes only and each PCAS audit programme should be completed as required to meet the specific risks and circumstances of each audit.

Audit guidance videos covering sections of the model file provide additional help when completing the PCAS tool. Click on the links below to watch:

Planning - preliminary engagement activities (C2)

Planning - materiality (C7.1)

This section also contains Achieving best practice which highlights some of the common issues found with audit files and the steps that can be taken to achieve best practice in these areas.  Further guidance is available at Audit methodology.

Details of past updates are set out in the What's changed sections and planned future updates are in Stop press.