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The Engagement Letter Toolkit (ELT) assists you in preparing tailored engagement letters for different types of entity, covering a wide range of services. ELT provides three ways of producing a customised letter:

  • Engagement letter e-Form
  • Individual templates
  • Merged engagement letter

Go to Engagement Letter e-Form

Straightforward to use, the e-Form guides you through a series of tailoring questions before producing a customised letter in Microsoft Word. An e-Form needs to be completed for one engagement letter at a time; it is not currently possible to save multiple draft e-Forms for different client letters, though you can save the e-Form as a draft to return to it later.

View Quick Guide

This quick guide will give you all the information you need for working through the e-Form and producing a customised engagement letter.

Go to individual templates

Use these Word templates to compile your own letter using the relevant schedules. The individual templates are set up in the same format as the letter resulting from the e-Form. Client specific details are input to a ‘Key Facts’ schedule (tailoring options are clearly highlighted in this, and the cover letter) and all the different service schedules then refer to the ‘Key Facts’ with no tailoring required.

Go to merged engagement letter

For those who prefer the client specific details to be included in the service schedules themselves, the merged letter is available. This includes all available schedules, and the sections where tailoring is required are clearly highlighted.

This video provides a brief overview of the three methods of producing an engagement letter using the ELT and will assist you in navigating the toolkit.

ELT is authored by our in-house team of experts. See About the authors for further details.