Application for directions

Claims by creditors

Creditors priority over beneficiaries

Doubtful debts

Foreign creditors

Future and contingent liabilities


Leases created after 1996

Leases created before 1996

Occupation by personal representatives of demised premises

Insolvent estates

Liabilities not assured/not yet statute-barred

Limitation, debts barred by

Order of application of assets (solvent estates)

Application and exclusion of Administration of Estates Act s. 35

Equitable compensation

Exonerated gifts

Express trust for sale of property



Pecuniary legacies

Property appropriated/charged with payment of debts

Property specifically devised for payment of debts

Property subject to a charge

Property undisposed of by will

Property, power of appointment

Residuary estate

Statutory order of assets for meeting unsecured liabilities

Pecuniary legacies

Pending obligations

Protection from unenforceable claims or obligations

Statute-barred debts