Acceptance of a grant

Accounts, duty to keep

Administrative powers, application to court for

As alternative to survivorship clauses

Bare trusts


Confidentiality of wills

Courts, application to exercise powers

Devolution of property subject to power of appointment

General power of appointment

Hybrid power of appointment


Special power of appointment

Discretionary will trusts

Disposals after administration period

Disposals during administration period

Documents, obligation to disclose

Communications with trustees

Core documents

Court's power


Legal professional privilege

Letters of wishes

Proprietary right


Duty of care


Entitlement to reimbursement out of trust funds

Incidence of expenses in the estate

Interest on

Properly incurred expenses allowed

Inheritance tax on trust property, liability for

Judicial trustee, appointment of

Application to alter representation

Appointment of judicial trustee


Each form of relief open to court


Judicial remedies


Principles on which court acts


Life policy proceeds

Loans to estate

Non-resident will trusts

Personal representative becoming trustee after completion of administration

Change of duty on

Dealing with land


Other results of

Personal representatives as trustees

Powers of accumulation


Gifts to minors

Inheritance tax

Powers of appointment, property subject to

Powers of investment

Advice, duty to take

Common law principles

General power

Standard investment criteria, duty to have regard to

Wide statutory powers

Powers of land management

Acquisition of freehold and leasehold land

Beneficiaries, delegation of powers to

Consultation with beneficiaries


Powers to make agreements or compromises on external questions

Counsel's opinion

Duty in exercising

Extension of power by will

Legal advice, obtaining

Power to bind others


Wide statutory power to compromise

Prohibition to leave property by will

Property not available to settle expenses of estate

Realising/obtaining assets

Retention and sale of land

Trust income (including apportionment)

Trust registration service

Variation of disposition of estate

Application and procedure under Variation of Trusts Act 1958

Appointment out of discretionary will trusts

Under Trustee Act 1925 s. 57

Will, power of appointment before grant of probate