Additional voluntary contributions (AVCs)

Annual allowance

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Changes proposed in Summer 2015 Budget

Charge and scheme pays facility

Flexible drawdown

High earners

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Money purchase

Annual limit for relief

Age-related personal tax allowance, effect on

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Basic rate tax

Doctors and dentists contracted to the NHS

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Excess contributions


Higher rate relief

Life assurance policies

Migrant member relief

Minor children, contributions on behalf of

Net pay arrangements

Non-working spouse, contributions on behalf of

Personal allowance, reinstating

Refund of excess contributions lump sum

Relevant UK earnings

Relevant UK individual

Relief at source, appropriate means

Relief on making a claim

Risk benefits

Self-employed practitioners

Waiver of contributions insurance

Charge and scheme pays facility


Effect on planning

Member's notification requirements

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Voluntary basis option

Defined benefit schemes

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In specie contributions

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