Accumulation and perpetuity periods

Death benefits for joiners after 5 April 2010

Death benefits for joiners before 6 April 2010



Advantages of

Asset protection

Benefit payments (taxation of)

Benefits for surviving spouse

Benefits paid from multiple schemes

Capital gains tax

Consultative documents

Contract-based pension schemes

Control over who benefits

Death of beneficiary

Death of member at 75+

Death of member following transfer

Death of settlor

Charge to inheritance tax

Contract-based schemes

Date of commencement

Exit charge

Periodic charge

Trust-based pension schemes

Discretionary disposal

Discretionary trust

As preferred vehicle

IHT charges

Drawdown (compared)

Establishing the trust

Exit charges

Expression of wish

Flexi-access death benefits

Flexi-access drawdown (compared)


Income tax

Inheritance tax

After death of settlor

Before death of settlor

In other circumstances

Integrated or separate

Investment strategy

Loans and payments to surviving spouse

Loans to beneficiaries

Movements between trusts

Nature of trust


Payment of death benefits

Periodic charges

Perpetuity and accumulation periods

Reducing significance for pensions

Reporting requirements

Rysaffe planning

Same-day transfer rules

Separate or integrated

Successor beneficiary

Tax credits on payments to beneficiaries

Taxation of income and gains

Transfers between schemes

Transfers to contract-based schemes

Trust-based pension schemes

Use of