Autonomous meaning

Commerzbank principles

Conformity with international law

Context comprising text, preamble and annexes

Domestic law, references to

Duality of status

European Convention on Human Rights

Exchanges of notes

Foreign judgments

General rule


Good faith

Human rights


Literal interpretation not appropriate

Object and purpose

OECD Model commentary

One or more languages, treaties in

Ordinary meaning of terms

Parallel treaties, recourse to

Permanent establishment


Purposive approach

Rules of international law

Special meaning of terms

Special relationship

Statutory rules

Subsequent commentaries and decisions of foreign courts

Supplementary means

Travaux preparatoires

Treaty construed as a contract

Two or more languages, treaties in

Unclear or ambiguous

Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties

Agreements and instruments connected with conclusion of treaty



Object and purpose

Subsequent agreements and practices

Supplementary means

Two or more languages

Writings of jurists