Accounting period

Assessments and adjustments

Assets representing leased assets

Connected persons

Controlled foreign companies


Intangible fixed assets


On or after 26 November 1996, leases treated with generally accepted accounting practice


Parent undertakings and consolidated group accounts

Period of account, meaning

Post-25 November scheme

Pre-26 November 1996 schemes

Relocation of provisions


Accountancy rental earnings

Accounting principles

Depreciation of leased assets


Fixture leases

Long-life assets

Normal rent, meaning

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Rental earnings, meaning

Return in capital form

Accountancy rental earnings, current lessor taxed by reference to

Application of charge

Arrangements, application to

Bad debts, relief for and recovery of

Capital allowances, clawback of major lump sum

Cemeteries and memorial gardens, deductions for expenditure

Conditions to be met

Contributors to capital expenditure

Cumulative rental excesses, reduction of taxable rent by

Cumulative rental excesses, relief for bad debts

Disposals of leases, effect of

Films and sound recordings expenditure, deductions for

Leases, application to

Major lump sums

Major lump sums, clawback

Mineral extraction allowances, expenditure taken into account

Patent allowances, expenditure taken into account

Plant and machinery allowances, expenditure taken into account

Post-25 November scheme

Pre-26 November 1996 schemes

Relevant accounting period, meaning

Relevant time

Waste disposal expenditure, deductions for

Time apportionment where periods of account do not coincide