Capital sums

Charge to tax

Allowable expenses

Amount on which charged



Disposal to spouse

Rate of charge

Second charge avoided

Charitable gifts, lower rate of tax

Christmas tree plantation

Commercial occupation

Exemption from income tax

Ineligibility of interest for relief

Not treated as a trade

Commercial occupation, exemption from tax

Computation of gain


Corporation tax


Computation of profits

Purchase or sale of

Estate duty

Exempt from tax

Gifts of business assets

Income from

Inheritance tax

Agricultural property relief

Amount chargeable

Ancient semi-natural, conditional exemption

Business property relief

Capital transfer tax

Conditions for relief

Credit against tax on disposal

Deferral until subsequent disposal

Deferral, rate after

Deferral, value after

European Economic Area


Liability for tax payable

Payment of tax, instalment option

Planning considerations

Rate of tax

Short rotation coppice

Interest payable

Land reflecting development value held on 6 April 1965

Liability for tax

Payment of tax by instalments

Profits as timber dealers, basis of assessment

Purchase or sale, calculation of profits

Reduction in rate of tax



Election for

European Economic Area

Reduction in rate of tax

Transfers on death, relief only available on

Replacement of business assets

Short rotation coppice