Act of the assembly

Legislative competence

Administration of devolved taxes

Adoption payments

Appeal to Upper Tribunal from tribunals



Civil recovery proceedings

Conveyance, transfer or lease, exemption

Designation of disadvantaged areas

Devolution of powers

Devolution settlement

Devolved tax

Consequential amendments

Duty to disclose information on Welsh land transactions to HMRC


Power to add

Status of officials of body that collects and manages

Tax on transactions involving interests in land

Disclosure of information

Government amendments of

Land transaction tax (administration)


Prescribed evidence, alternative finance investment bonds

WRA certificates

Land transaction tax (specified amount of relevant rent)


Title and commencement

Land transaction tax (tax bands and tax rates)



Title and commencement

Land transaction tax (transitional provisions)

Alternative finance investment bonds

Alternative property finance relief

Cases where assignment of lease treated as grant of lease

Higher rates residential property transactions

Overlapping leases


Transfer of partnership interest pursuant to earlier arrangements

Variation of lease treated as grant of new lease

Withdrawal of money

Land transactions

Duty to disclose information

Exempt from charge

Members of devolved assembly for

National Assembly members

Application of Interpretation Act 1978

European travel expenses

Overnight expenses allowances

Pension schemes

Termination payments

Transport and subsistence

Travel expenses

Planning obligations

Proceedings for recovery

Proceeds of unlawful conduct

Civil recovery

Disclosure of information to and by Assets Recovery Agency Director

Stamp duty land tax


Taking control of goods etc.

Tax collection and management (reimbursement arrangements)




Repayment to WRA


Tax on transactions

Interests in land

Transfers involving public bodies

Unregistered community councils

Welsh Revenue Authority

Conditions to be met for issuance of WRA certificates

Duplicate WRA certificates

Form and content of WRA certificates

Multiple WRA certificates

Welsh speaking traders: registration