Accrued income profits and related interest, amounts corresponding to

Accrued income scheme


Associated operation, meaning


Double charge


Gains from life insurance etc.

Information required

Liability of non-transfers

Appeals, tribunal's jurisdiction

Assets, meaning

Associated operation, meaning

Associated operations

Capital sums received, charge where

Capital receipt conditions

Deductions and reliefs


Individuals to whom income is treated as arising

Non-domiciled individuals

Personal representatives, persons abroad

Persons abroad

Rate of tax

Trustees, persons abroad

Charge on non-transferors

Capital gains tax charge, interaction with


Quantifying value of the benefit

Charge on transferors

Beneficial enjoyment of income from exercise of powers

Benefit of the transferor

Benefit out of income of/moneys available to, non-resident by reason of associated operations

Capital sum received

Control over income


Increased value of assets held by transferor

Power to enjoy

Substance over form

Cheating the public revenue

Company residence for transfers between 20 March 1990 and 29 November 1993

Deeply discounted securities

Double charge

Duplication of charges prohibited


Taking income into account

Exemptions from charge

Transactions on or after 5 December 2005

Transactions prior to 5 December 2005

Exemptions from liability

Commercial transaction, meaning


Genuine transactions post-12 April 2012

Partial exemption

Relevant transactions both pre-5 December and post-4 December 2005

Relevant transactions post-4 December 2005 transactions

Relevant transactions pre-5 December 2005


Information, power to obtain

Banks, restriction on particulars to be provided


Lawyers, restriction on particulars to be provided

Liability of non-transfers

Multiple transferors

Non-domiciled person


Non-transferors receiving a benefit, charge where


Income treated as arising

Method for determining amount

Non-domiciled individuals

Recipients of onward gifts

Reduction in amount charged, previous capital gains tax charge

Reduction in amount charged, previous settlements charge

Offshore funds

Ordinarily resident individuals


Person abroad, meaning

Power to enjoy income, charge where

Controlled foreign companies, apportionment

Deductions and reliefs

Enjoyment conditions


Individuals to whom income is treated as arising

Non-domiciled individuals

Rate of tax

Receipt of benefit provided


Relevant transaction

Relevant transactions

Relevant transfer, meaning

Remittance basis

Residence status

Settlor-interested trusts

Tax avoidance


Liability to tax on dividends paid

Power to enjoy income

Private portfolio bonds, residence status

Ramsay principle, income of beneficiary of trust

Sale of land

Transfer of UK betting business to a Gibraltar company

Transfer of assets

Transfer, meaning

Value benefits