Bloodstock breeders


Cap on income tax relief

Carry-back/carry-forward, time limits

Claims and time-limits

Commencement/cessation of trade


Group relief


Offset against current profits

Offset against future profits

Offset against previous profits

Pre-trading expenditure

Terminal trading losses

Corporation tax

Agreements to forgo tax relief

Carry-forward against future trading profits

Carry-forward trade loss relief

Change in company ownership

Change in trader without change of ownership

Claims and time-limits

Continuity of trade

Controlled foreign companies

Farming and market gardening

Group relief

Non-resident companies receiving tax-exempt income

Oil extraction activities

Relief against total profits

Restriction on transferring relief

Restrictions on use of losses

Set-off against profits of earlier periods

Set-off against profits of the same period

Terminal losses

Uncommercial trades

Write-off of Government investment

Current and preceding year set-off, time limits

Elections and claims

Corporation tax

Income tax, time limits


Hobby farming

Income tax carry-forward trade loss relief

Income tax early trade loss relief

Income tax general restrictions on sideways relief

Capital allowances

Capital gains relief where cash basis applies


Specific trades

Income tax relief against general income and gains

Income tax terminal trade loss relief

Limited partnerships

National Insurance contributions



Property income


– see Loss relief


Set-off, time limits

Terminal losses

Trade carried on abroad

Treated as allowable capital losses

Types of relief