Adjustments between settlor and trustees etc.


Capital sums paid to by trustees

Amount of available income

Calculation of undistributed income

Capital sum, meaning

Corporate body connected with settlement


Grossing-up of deemed income

Loan or repayment of loan

Loans to close company participators

Sums paid to settlor, meaning

Charge to tax

Discretionary annual payment

Highest part of total income

Income arising under a settlement, meaning

Income charged

Person liable

Property or income originating from settlor

Relevant children


Gifts to charities

Offshore income gains

Retained and accumulated income

Remittance basis

Retained interests

Exceptions for certain types of income


Gifts to charities

Outright gifts between spouses

Return of excess repayment of tax to trustees

Settlement, meaning

Settlor, meaning

Two or more settlors