Accumulation and maintenance settlements

Accumulation and maintenance trusts

Added property, inheritance tax

Agricultural property relief


No qualifying interest in possession

Qualifying interest in possession

Transfers made pre-10 March 1981

Annual exemption

Arrangements involving acquisition of interest in

Beneficiary's personal exemptions, availability of to trustees

Business property relief, life tenants' business

Capital gains tax

– see Settlements

Charitable purposes

Charitable trusts

Close companies

Participators' interest in possession

Transfers by participator trustees

Depreciatory transaction by trustees

Disabled persons, trusts

Disclaimer by beneficiary

Distributions within two years of death

Domicile of settlor

Employee trusts

Enterprise investment scheme deferral of capital gains

Excepted settlements, delivery of accounts

Excluded property

Exempt bodies

Foreign entity owning

Foreign property




Consideration of marriage

National purposes

Political parties

Subject to reservation

Gifts of assets

Gifts with reservation

Incidence of tax

Income yield

Information required

Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

Inheritance tax

Added property

Creation of a settlement

Depreciatory transactions

Distributions and appointments by trustees

Election to allocate nil-rate band to a settlement

Excluded property


Gifts subject to reservation

Interest in possession

Leases for life

No interest in possession

Pilot settlements


Settlement, meaning

Settlor, meaning

Ten-year charge


Types of property

Variation of an existing settlement

Initial interest of settlor or spouse

Interest in possession

Beneficial entitlement

Charge to tax

Deemed transfers of value


Exemptions on termination

Extent of interest

Immediate post-death interest

Interest in part only

Lease for life


Reduction of value

Settlor or spouse

Transitional serial interest

Lease as

Lease for life


Valuation of


Liability for tax

– see also Liability for tax

Persons liable

Primary liability

Trustee, limitation of liability

Life interest

Maintenance funds for historic buildings



Income tax

Termination of

Moving between settlements

National heritage property

Newspaper trusts

No interest in possession

Charge to tax

Death of settlor

Qualifying interest in possession, meaning

Relevant property, meaning

Ten-year anniversary, meaning

Ten-yearly charge

Undistributed income

Occasions of charge

Open-ended investment company shares

Potentially exempt transfers

Powers over

Property moving between settlements

Excluded property

Reversionary interest

Time of

Treated as remaining in first settlement

Property situated abroad

Protective trusts

Quick succession relief


More than one later transfer

Three deaths in succession

Reversionary interest

Excluded property

Settlement before 16 April 1976

Securities, excluded property

Settled on death


– see Settlements


– see Settlors

Situated outside UK

Transfers made on the same day

Transfers to employee trusts


– see Trustees

Trustees, annuities

Unit trust holdings

Value, transactions reducing