Aids for handicapped persons

Aircraft and equipment

Buildings, tax point


Input tax

Visitors to the UK

Cars, input tax

Costs refunded under guarantee scheme


Charges: payments received for non-supplies

Charities and handicapped persons


Talking books for the blind and handicapped and wireless sets for the blind

Farmhouses, input tax

Initial repairs to property, capital gains tax

Installations and systems

Land and buildings

Conversion of cinema into bingo hall


Rebuilding of church following fire

Underpinning of defective foundations


Lifeboats and equipment

Listed building



Local authority housing

Repairs charged to third party

Tenant in residence

Vacation of accommodation

Local authority youth centres and youth clubs

Qualifying aircraft

Qualifying ships

Relevant goods supplied to eligible body

Sea-going vessels and equipment

Ships and aircraft

Ships, zero-rating of related services

Talking books for blind and handicapped persons

Trade tools