Agricultural property

Annual exemption

Business property relief

Calculation of tax

Agricultural property relief

Annual exemption

Business property relief

Change in rates

Death within seven years

Double charges, avoidance


Exemptions, availability

Incidence of tax

Position when gift made

Taper relief

Capital gains tax reliefs and exemptions, interaction

Certificate of discharge

Charge by HMRC

Close companies, alteration of capital

Close company, alteration of share capital

Credit for tax on chargeable event

Cumulation principle

Deed of variation

Donatio mortis causa

Double charges

Events treated as


General provision


Accumulation and maintenance trust

Accumulation and maintenance trusts

Disabled trust

Disabled trusts


Individuals, between

More than seven years before death

Transfers to companies and partnerships

Gifts with reservation

Hold-over relief for gifts

UK residential property interests

Holdover relief

Inheritance tax on (liability for)

Interaction with conditional exemption


Gifts to individuals

Liability for tax

Lifetime transfers, determination


National heritage property

Not a general testamentary and administration expense

Payment of tax

Certificates of discharge

Instalment option

Property ceasing to be subject to reservation

Property settled on or after 22 March 2006

Property subsequently held for national purposes

Reduction in rate of tax

Repayment of non-deductible debt

Reported late

Settled property, special rate of charge

Subsequent determination as chargeable or exempt

Termination of interest in possession

Treatment within seven years before death


Works of art, undertakings given to HMRC