Abandonment expenditure

Abortive exploration expenditure, claim relating to

Allowable expenditure, claim for

Annual exemption

Apportionment of expenditure between

Assessment of tax on

Associated company, transfer of rights to

Claim periods

Close companies

– see also Close companies

Capital, alteration of

Charge to tax


Interest in two companies

Minority participators

Trustee participators

Decommissioning costs, former licensees

Deferred expenditure claims


– see Elections

Employee trusts, beneficiaries under

Instalments, entitlement to withhold

Liability for tax

Extent of


Less than five per cent transferred

Limit on amount payable by

Accumulated capital expenditure

Adjusted profit

Chargeable periods to which safeguard applicable


Loan relationships



Losses of

Share of oil attributed to

Share of oil deemed to belong to

Oil allowance, share of

Oil owned by person other than

Pipelines earning tariffs, election option

– see Pipelines

Responsible person, nomination of

Returns by

Tariff receipts allowance

Transfers, treatment of

Transmedian fields, share in

Unrelievable field loss, claim for allowance of