Anti-avoidance provisions


Balancing allowances and charges

Amount of

Buildings for benefit of employees abroad ceasing to be used

Ceasing to work mineral deposits

Determination of entitlement or liability

Discontinuance of trade

Disentitlement of allowance, anti-avoidance provision

Disposal of asset etc.


Giving up exploration, search or inquiry

Pre-trading expenditure

Calculation of allowances and charges

Capital gains tax interaction

Contributions allowances

Contributions to capital expenditure

Deductions disallowed

Demolition costs

Development, meaning

Disposal values

Disposal of/ceasing to use asset

Disposal receipt, meaning

Receipt of capital sum

Restriction in case of interest in land

Use of asset otherwise than for permitted development

Excluded expenditure

Finance lease, lump sums

Foreign branch exemption


Giving effect to allowances and charges


Mineral asset, meaning

Mineral exploration and access, meaning

Mineral extraction trade

Expenditure incurred



Pre-trading expenditure on exploration and access

Oil licences

Consideration to be treated as nil

Disposal with exploitation value

Interest in an oil licence, meaning

Licensed area, meaning


Oil, meaning


Relevant authority, meaning

Undeveloped areas

Plant and machinery allowances

Qualifying expenditure

Acquiring a mineral asset

Assets limited by reference to historic costs

Buildings etc. for the benefit of employees abroad

Buildings or structures ceased to be used

Contribution to buildings or works for benefit of employees abroad



Mineral exploration and access

Non-ring fence trades, restoration within 3 years of ceasing to trade

Oil licence, acquisition

Pre-trading expenditure, plant and machinery

Pre-trading exploration expenditure

Premiums, prevention of double deduction

Reduction where premium relief previously allowed

Relationships between main types

Restoration of land

Ring fence trades

Second-hand assets

Transfers of mineral assets within group

Undeveloped market value

Undeveloped market value of land, exclusion


Works likely to become valueless

Ring fence trades

Connected persosn supplying site restoration services


Notional accounting period

Other participators in oil field, allowance where site restoration undertaken for

Restriction on allowance available

Site restoration expenditure

Ring-fence trades

First year allowance

Restoration of land

Sales being for an alternative amount

Sales treated as being for alternative amount

Shares in assets



Tenant under taxed lease

Terminal trade loss relief, carry-back of balancing allowances

Time when expenditure incurred

Transactions between connected persons

Writing-down allowances

Amount of

Determination of entitlement or liability