Capital allowances

Annual investment allowance, restriction

Asset ceasing to be used but retained for qualifying activity

Avoidance involving international leasing

Background plant or machinery in building

Change in accountancy classification

Commencement, disposal events and disposal values

Cushion gas

Derived leases

Disposal events and disposal values


Entitlement to

Excluded leases of background plant or machinery in building


Expenditure not qualifying expenditure

Extension of term of lease that is not a long funding lease

Finance lease test

Finance lease, amount of capital expenditure


Funding lease, meaning

General definitions

Increase in proportion of residual amount guaranteed, review of status

Lease excluded by right of lessor etc. to claim capital allowances

Lease payments test

Long funding lease, meaning

Minimum lease payments, meaning

Mixed leases

Operating lease, amount of capital expenditure

Operating lease, extension of term of lease

Plant or machinery lease, meaning

Plant or machinery leased with land, low percentage value

Power to vary expressions

Requirement for tax return

Restriction on hirer's allowances

Restriction on lessee's allowances

Sale and leaseback/lease and leaseback etc. lessors

Short lease, meaning

Short-life asset treatment ruled out

Term of a lease, meaning

Termination amount, meaning

Termination of lease

Termination value, meaning

Transfers, assignments etc. by lessor/lessee

Useful economic life test

Chargeable gains

Deemed disposals and re-acquisitions

Market value, meaning

Restriction of losses

Corporation tax (lessors)

Amounts ignored

Exceptional items, finance lease

Rental earnings, finance lease

Termination payments, finance lease

Disapplication, conditions for

Election for lease to be treated as long funding lease

Excepted leases

Expenditure incurred before passing of FA2006


Finalised, when a lease is

Finance leases, trading assets

Income tax (lessees)

Limit on deductions, finance lease

Operating lease

Termination of lease

Income tax (lessors)

Additional expenditure, operating lease

Determination of remaining residual value resulting from additional expenditure

Exceptional items, finance lease

Periodic deduction, operating lease

Qualifying activity, meaning

Rental earnings, finance lease

Starting value

Termination of lease, operating lease

Termination payment, finance lease

Trading stock


Lessees under long funding finance leases

Limit on deductions

Termination of lease

Lessees under long funding operating leases


Starting value

Lessor also lessee under non-long funding lease

Lessors under long funding finance leases

Countering arrangements intended to create profits or losses


Exceptional items


Rental earnings

Termination payment

Lessors under long funding operating leases

Additional expenditure

Countering arrangements intended to create profits or losses

Determination of remaining residual expenditure resulting from additional expenditure



Periodic deduction

Starting value

Termination of lease

Mixed leases


Pre-existing heads of agreement relating to two or more assets

Tonnage tax

– see Tonnage tax

Trading stock, plant or machinery held as

Transitional provisions

Under construction, when an asset is