Annual exemption


Attribution of the exemption

Carry-forward of unused exemption

Close companies


Interaction with other exemptions

Settled property

Transfers on the dame day

Annuity purchased with life policy

Associated operations

Capital gains tax

Transactions on which tax chargeable but held over

Transactions on which tax paid

Charge to tax

Dispositions for maintenance of transferor's family

Dispositions with no gratuitous intent

Dispositions, meaning

Gifts in consideration of marriage

Gifts subject to reservation

Gifts under £250 to same person


Incomplete, time at which disposition made

Instalments, transfers made by

Less than full consideration in return

No consideration in return

Total less than consideration received in return

Liabilities taken into account

Liability for tax

Accompanying transfer to spouse/civil partner


Persons liable, tax accruing because of transferors death

Persons liable, tax chargeable at time of transfer

Primary liability

Normal expenditure

Normal expenditure out of income

Occasion of charge, dispositions

– see Dispositions

Persons liable

Ramsay principle

Rates of tax

Reduction in value of estate

Reported late

Amount of tax chargeable

Application of special provisions

Exemptions, availability

Interest payable

Scope of the charge

Chargeable transfer, ascertainment

Flow chart indicating whether or not charge arises


Gifts with reservation

Measurement of the transfer

Potentially exempt transfer, ascertainment

Seven-year rule

Small gift exemption



Free loans and use of property

Interaction with other exemptions

Spouse/civil partner non-domicile exemption

Stamp duty

Time of perfection of gifts

Timing and order of

Transferor's expenses

Transfers between married persons

Transfers not exceeding £3,000

Transfers of value made on or after 6 April 2013

Transfers of value, meaning

Transfers on the same day

Burden of tax, allocation




Settled property

Transfers within seven years before death

Transitional arrangements

Value transferred

Value transferred, measurement


Loss to estate, examples

Voidable transfers