Calculating VAT due on private use

Economic life

Extension or annex to existing building: new economic life

Formula methods for determining private use

Full cost of an asset

Sale of Lennartz goods ends economic life

Transfer of going concern

Changes from 22 January 2010

Construction costs associated with new college campus

Construction work carried out on existing building

Economic life of goods


Later increase in full cost of goods


Official publication

Partially exempt persons

Particular issues

Conversion/alteration of capital nature: no new building created

Deemed decision to use

No retrospective decision to use

Purchases used for business and private purposes

Private/non-business use, defined

Services (other than construction)

Situations where private/non-business use does not have VAT implications

VAT Accounting on purchases

Quantifying business use

Recovery of VAT for part-business asset, flowchart

Retrospective use

Transitional arrangements following the 22 January 2010 change

Transitional provisions

Transitional provisions in relation to the 1 January 2011 change

Use of

Value of relevant supplies


Goods which have two or more economic lives

Supplies made during new economic life