Accounting methods for creditor relationships

Accounting periods on or after 1 January 2012


Carbon emission trading product, transaction in

Collective investment scheme, transaction in

Distributions designated as interest distributions

Eligibility conditions

Exceptions to charge

Loan relationship, transaction resulting in

Meaning of investment trust

Non-reporting offshore funds

Transactions treated as non-trading

Acquisitions for restructuring purposes


Requirements of Chapter 3 to be treated as met


Appeal against rejection

Commissioner's response to application

Conditions for

Contents of application

Effect of acceptance

Eligibility conditions treated as being met


Holding in a company, meaning

Information, acceptance of application conditional on provision of


Timing of application

Venture capital trust

Withdrawal of application

Approved company, requirements to be met in each accounting period

Breach of requirements, notification


Income distribution requirement

Revised investment policy, notification of

As investment vehicles

Authorised unit trusts, investment in

Breach of regulations

Consequence of serious breach

Eligibility conditions

Income distribution requirement

Multiple breaches

Serious breach

Types of

Capital gains tax


Financial futures


– see Options

Transfer of assets

Carbon emission trading products

Chargeable gains

Collective investment schemes

Contracts for differences

Corporation tax charge

Delay in admission of company's ordinary share capital to trading on regulated market

Derivative contracts


Dividends optional treatment as interest

Duty to deduct tax


Information and record keeping

Eligibility conditions treated as being met

Delay in admission of company's ordinary share capital to trading on regulated market

Winding up of approved company

Eligible investment income, offshore income gains


First commercial sale condition

No business acquisition condition

Permitted maximum age condition



Index tracking funds, interest in

Interest distributions

Interest, dividends to be treated as

Interpretation of Chapter 4 of Part 6

Interpretation of Part 6

Knowledge-intensive company, meaning

Intra-group transfers

Loan relationships


Monthly savings schemes

Non-reporting offshore funds, interests in

Offshore income gains, eligible investment income

Offshore non-reporting funds, interests in

Open-ended investment companies


Power to amend Chapter 4 of Part 6

Power to amend Chapters 3 and 4 of Part 6 of ITA 2007

Qualifying holdings


Maximum risk finance investments, 5-year post-investment period requirement

Maximum risk finance investments, relevant holding is issued requirement

Permitted company age requirement

Proportion of skilled employees requirement

Relevant contracts

Return made by approved company treating itself as not being an investment trust

Transactions entered into

Carbon emission trading product

Collective investment scheme, units in

Contract for differences

Exchange gains and losses


Loan relationships

Meaning of investment transaction


Otherwise than in the course of trade

Power to make regulations

Relevant contract, meaning

Transactions treated as non-trading transactions

Transfer of company's assets to

Venture capital trusts

Winding up of company approved as