Absence of grant, interim relief

Acceptance of

Chain of representation

Contractual relationship with the deceased





Sole trader

Tax risks



Application for

Appearance before district judge

Attorney, grant to

Authorised or licensed persons

Catastrophic loss of life, leave to swear death

Contentious applications

Death certificate/evidence of death

Deposing to the death

Domicile outside the UK

Evidence as to execution etc.

Fees payable

Information necessary

Intestacy, order of priority for grant on

Issue of grant

Leave to swear death

Missing persons

Online procedures

Personal applications

Presumption of Death Act 2013, claims under

Priority for grant where there is a wil

Probate practitioners

Time for issue of grant

Uncertainty about order of deaths

Will or codicil to accompany

Caveat, prevention by

Cessation of caveat


Security for costs

Warning against


Acceptance or refusal of grant

Delay, remedy for

Grant in common form

History of remedy

Procedure on

Propound a codicil

Propound or proof a will

Taking probate

Citation, as remedy for delay in making

– see Citation

Claims after probate

Bringing a revocation claim

False suggestions


Order of district judge

Position pre-revocation

Setting aside grant

Unfulfilled threats of revocation

Claims for probate

District judge

Appearance before

Evidence as to execution of the will

Matters considered by

Effect of grant in common form


Recital of domicile

Recital of entitlement

Revocation or amendment

Effect of grant in solemn form

Compromise of probate claim


England and Wales, out of

Executor, grant of probate

Fees to the Public Trustee

Form and description of

In common form

– see also Grant in common form

Citation procedure


Inheritance tax, delivery of account

Inheritance tax, delivery of accounts

Issue of grant

Evidence as to due execution of will


Time for

Legal requirement

Limited grants

Need for in the UK

Not obtained within twelve months of death

Notice of grant, standing search

Priority rules



Passing over

Proceedings brought before date of grant of probate

Refused where no accounts delivered

Relation back to the death

Renunciation of

Effect of

Method of

Refusal to take out probate

Withdrawal of


Service of notices

Settled land

Special grants

Vesting of property on death