Anti-abuse, Portuguese law compatible with EU law

Application of reduced rate to supplies of digital and electronic books

Directions following preliminary ruling from Court of Justice


Partial exemption: special method ruling

Preliminary ruling sought

Common system of value added tax

Concept of 'fixed establishment' of recipient of a supply of services

Interpretation of Council Directive 2006/112/EC

Interpretation of directive

National tax law to stop abusive tax practice

Other securities and negotiable instruments

Place where services deemed to be supplied to taxable persons

Racehorses, temporary importation from Ireland

Sale of discount cards qualified for exemption from VAT

Taxable supply, spot-the-ball competition

Reference to

Appeal against

Appeal against wording of questions

Application by European Commission for a declaration by ECJ

Blocking of input tax on cars

Complaints to the European Commission

Dispensing with Advocate-General's opinion

Entitlement to VAT relief under EU law

Exemptions for Intra-Community transactions



Judge's refusal, appeals against

No judicial review of refusal


Purchaser not registered for VAT purposes

Questions on commissioners' failure to notify change of law


Refusal by ECJ to rule on a question

Request for precedent case to be heard by Grand Chamber

UK's judgment following ruling

Review of earlier decision in light of subsequent Court of Appeal authority

Right to deduct