– see also European Union

Civilian staff, tasks relating to security and defence

Coordination of social security system

Accidents at work, benefits in respect of

Administrative arrangements and other procedures

Administrative Commission

Adoption allowances

Advisory Commission

Aggregation of periods


Auxiliary staff

Bilateral agreements

Childbirth allowances


Collection of contributions

Conversion of periods

Cooperation obligations

Currency conversion

Data processing

Death grants



Electronic data exchanges

Equal treatment of benefits, income, facts and events

Equality of treatment

Exchanges of data


Family benefits

Frontier workers returning to previous member state

Frontier workers, restriction of rights of family members

Funding activities

General rules


Implementation of legislation

Invalidity benefits

Maintenance payments, advances of

Maternity benefits

Matters covered

Medical examinations

Non-contributory cash benefits


Occupational diseases, benefits in respect of

Old age and survivors' pension

Paternity benefits

Pensioners returning to competent member state, more rights

Personal data protection

Persons covered

Pre-retirement benefits

Prevention of overlapping of benefits

Procedure for implementation

Pursuit of activities in two or more member states

Recovery of benefits

Recovery of contributions

Reimbursement of costs

Relations with other coordination instruments

Residence, determination

Rights of institutions

Sickness benefits

Special rules

Transitional provisions

Unemployment benefits

Voluntary/optional continued insurance

Waiver of residence rules

Farmers, single payment scheme

Information for tax authorities in member states