Amount of

Associated disposals


Trust disposals

Associated disposals

Disposals on or after 18 March 2015

Disposals prior to 18 March 2015


Material disposal

Restrictions on relief


Business asset roll-over

Claims for

Company share option plans



Disposal of shares, enterprise management incentives

Disposals (pre-18 March 2015)

Disposals by trustees

Disposals of relevant EMI shares made on or after 6 April 2013

EMI options

Enterprise investment scheme

Enterprise management incentives

Exclusion of goodwill in certain circumstances

Furnished holiday lettings


Gifts of business assets, interaction with


Anti-avoidance rules

Held-over gains, chargeable

Hold-over relief

Holding company of trading group

Incorporation relief, interaction with

Joint venture companies and qualifying shareholdings

Lifetime limit


Material disposal of business assets

Material disposals

Business or part of business

Company ceasing to be a trading company


Disposal of assets after discontinuance

Disposal of shares in personal company

Disposal of whole or part of business

Relevant EMI shares

Material disposals by individuals

Business or part of a business

Disposal of assets after business discontinued

Disposal of shares in personal company or EMI shares

Need to be an employee

Non-domiciliaries and temporary residents

Ordinary share capital

Personal company

Profits and assets test: partnerships

Qualifying business disposal

Qualifying business disposals

Qualifying for relief

Rate of capital gains tax

Rate of tax reduction

Relevant business assets

Relevant EMI shares

Relevant gains and losses



Qualifying corporate bonds

Reorganisations and deferred gains

Eligibility conditions

Enterprise investment schemes


Qualifying corporate bonds

Relief for social investments

Venture capital trusts

Restriction to relevant business assets

Goodwill transferred to related party

Shareholding test: JVC

Trading company

Trading group

Transfer of business

Trust business assets, disposal of

Amount qualifying for relief


Trustees, disposals by


Non-qualifying beneficiaries

Qualifying beneficiary

Qualifying disposals

Venture capital trusts

Voting rights test: JVC

Voting rights test: partnerships