Acquisition of shares

Aggregation of loan capital and share capital

Allowable losses

Approved investment funds


Capital gains tax

Capital gains tax exemption

Carry back of relief

Carry-back relief

CGT clawback

Chargeable gains

Claims for relief

Companies, requirements to be met by

Carrying on qualifying business activity

Coal production, excluded activities

Control and independence

Dealing in goods, excluded activities

Electricity, subsidised generation or export

Employment of money raised, time limit

Excluded activities

Financial health

Further rules, maximum risk finance investment


Gross assets

Hotels and comparable establishments, excluded activities

Issuing company/qualifying subsidiaries to carry on qualifying business activity

Knowledge-intensive companies

Leasing, excluded activities

Location of activity (share issues up to 5 April 2011)

Maximum amount raised under all risk capital schemes

Number of employees

Nursing homes, excluded activities


Permanent establishment

Permitted maximum age requirement

Property development, excluded activities

Property managing subsidiaries

Provision of services to person carrying on trade, excluded activity

Purpose of the issue

Qualifying activities

Qualifying subsidiaries

Qualifying trades

Relevant research and development

Relevant shares

Residential care homes, excluded activities

Royalties and licence fees, excluded activities

Shares to be unquoted

Shipbuilding, excluded activities

Steel production, excluded activities

Subsidised generation of heat or production of gas or fuel, excluded activities

Subsidised generation or export of electricity

Trading requirement

When funds are employed

Company limited by guarantee

Company, meaning under ITA 2007, s. 185

Connected person, meaning

Connected persons

Business angels


Interest in capital

Issuing company

Control and independence requirement, becoming a 51% subsidiary of another company

Deferral of capital gains

Amount of relief



Bed and breakfasting

Breach of conditions

Chargeable events

Discretionary trusts


Eligible shares

Entrepreneurs' relief

Gains accruing on chargeable events

Gross assets

Hybrid trusts

Insignificant value

Interest in possession settlements

Investment-linked loans

Non-resident individuals or spouses

Offshore trusts

Outline of relief

Part disposals: identification rules

Pre-arranged exits

Put and call options

Qualifying business activities

Qualifying companies

Re-investment in same or relevant company



Repayment of loans

Replacement value

Residence status

Settlor interest

Trading groups


Value received by investor

Winding up

Deferral relief


Issue of shares

Reinvestment, taper relief

Deferring CGT charge on sale

Eligibility for relief

Estates in administration


Gross assets rule

Identification rules

IHT planning (powers of attorney)

Income tax relief


Attribution to shares



Connected persons

Disqualifying arrangements

Eligibility for


How relief is given

Information powers

Interest on tax arising from withdrawal or reduction of relief

Loan linked investments

Prescribed periods

Qualifying investors


Reporting requirements

Requirements to be met by company

Requirements to be met by investor

Risk-to-capital condition

Transfers between spouses and civil partners

Withdrawal of relief

Information powers

Interest on tax arising from withdrawal or reduction of relief

Investors, requirements to be met by

Business angles

Connected persons

Connections with issuing company

Existing shareholdings requirement

Loan linked investments

Qualifying investors

Loan linked investments


Losses on shares

Maximum investment

Mergers of business expansion scheme and enterprise investment scheme companies

Pre-arranged exits

Prescribed periods





Qualifying business activity

80 percent of share capital not employed in 12-month period


Refusal to issue certificates

Shares issued to raise money for

Qualifying investors

Qualifying shares

Rate of relief

Re-investment exemption in Seed EIS shares

Attribution of exemption



Withdrawal of reduction of exemption

Re-investment relief

Money employed wholly for qualifying business activity

Subscription for eligible shares

Registration of shares before receipt of money/payment of money before application for shares

Relevant shares not meet qualifying conditions

Reporting requirements

Seed EIS shares

Acquisition of issuing company


Identification rules

Restriction of exemption where value received

Seed enterprise investment scheme


Share capital taken at nominal value or subscribed value

Share for share exchange

Share incentive plans

Share loss relief

Shares in target company disposed of for purposes of ITA 2007, s. 209

Small or insignificant preferential rights attaching to shares ignored

Time limit for claim for relief

Transfers between spouses and civil partners

Value received from company


Identification and quantification

Other persons

Replacement value, exemption

Value received rules

Withdrawal of capital gains tax relief

Withdrawal of income tax relief

Acquisition by new company

Acquisition of existing trade

Acquisition of shares

Call options

Corporate venturing scheme relief withdrawn, exemption

Disposal of shares


Grant of options

Identification rules, disposal of shares

Put options

Relief subsequently found not to be due

Same day acquisitions, identification rules

Transfer of trade

Value received from company

Withdrawal of relief

Disposal of shares


Members receiving value from company

Replacement capital

Withdrawing income tax relief