Accrued income

Accumulation of income

Additional rate tax, deductible trustees' expenditure

Age of majority


As investment vehicle

Avoiding probate


Beneficiary, costs of maintaining

By-pass trust

Capital distributions

Capital gains tax

Charging for advice

Consultative documents

Deed of variation

Discounted gift trusts

Distribution from property settled by will

Double taxation relief, payments to beneficiaries treated as arising from foreign source

Enterprise investment scheme

Excluded property

Features of


Illustrative example

Income tax

Inheritance tax

Cumulative total

Distributions from property settled by will

Distributions within two years of death

Exit charges


Grossing up

HMRC consultations

Lifetime gifts to

Periodic charges

Pre-7 June 2014 trusts

Relevant property regime

Lifetime gifts to


Nil-rate band trusts, interaction with stamp duty land tax

Order of making gifts


Parental settlements

Personal injury

Power of settlor to appoint trustees


Rate of tax

Relevant property regime

Relief for first slice of trust rate income

Residence nil rate band


Settled property, arrangement/transfer associated operations

Settlement nil rate band

Settlor-interested trust

Simplification proposals

Sole beneficiary, interest in possession

Spouse as beneficiary

Stamp duty land tax (re care costs)

Stock dividend, charge of deemed income at higher Schedule F rate

Stock dividends

Suitability of

Tax credits for dividends abolished

Tax planning

Taxation of beneficiaries

Taxation of trustees

Transfer of shares to settlement without interest in possession, spouse exemption

Trustee's fees/investment management fees, charge to income

Trustees, rate of tax

Trusts for the disabled

Types of settlement

UK resident trustee, trust income from foreign investments

Will trusts

– see Will trusts