Acclerated payments and group payments

Accounting period

Accounting provision for future guarantee liabilities made by holding company of property-holding subsidiary

Accounting, currency to be used

Accounts, failure to comply with notices to produce

Acquisition of company with accrued losses by company carrying on similar trade

Acquisition of partnership interests

Advance corporation tax

Allowable deduction in computing profits to be charged to corporation tax

Allowable loss

Amendments of Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992

Annual tax on enveloped dwellings (ATED)




International movement of capital

Restrictions on transaction

Tax arbitrage

Transactions in securities

Transfer of income streams

Transfer pricing

Appeal against a corporation tax late filing penalty

Appeal against amendments made by closure notices

Appeal against late filing penalties, a tax determination and an interest assessment

Appeal against penalties for a late corporation tax return

Appellant's activity in developing an office property as trading activity or investment

Application for closure notice

Application for permission to appeal late

Application for postponement of tax

Application of anti-loss buying restriction to group relief in Finance Act 1994

Application of FA 2002, Sch. 26, para. 28

Application to make appeal out of time

Application to strike-out under Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) Rules 2009

Apportionment of interest of foreign-controlled company, double taxation relief


Arbitrage rules applied, recalculation of income for corporation tax purposes

Arrangements offering a choice of capital or income return



Appeal, new evidence

Application for postponement of tax due in Scotland

Basis of receipt of funds

Discovery assessment made before enquiry opened

Error, appeal


Failure of fiscal minimisation scheme

Further, agreement


HMRC issuing notice to file company tax returns

Leave to raise, time-limit

Penalty determination

Attribution of profits

Augmented profits

Authorised investment funds, participants in

Avoidance scheme, legal professional privilege

Avoidance schemes of corporate profits

Avoidance, company purchase scheme

Avoiding tax

Bank levy

Banking companies, surcharge

Basis of and periods for assessment

Building societies

Building societies, charge

Business structure

Capital allowances

Cost of construction of car valeting bay, not an expense on plant

Plant and machinery


Capital allowances and charges

Capital gains

Capital gains tax principles


Operation of enactments


Car hire

Careless or deliberate conduct

Carried interest

Carried-forward losses

Case stated, amendment of draft case

Change in company ownership

Change in local currency

Changes in trading stock not made in course of trade


Accounting period

Amounts arising


Calculation of amount to which rates applied

Capital gains tax, exclusion of charge

Coming within charge

Commencement of carrying on business

Currency to be used

– see Currency

Deductions generally

Fiduciary or representative capacity

Fiduciary/representative capacity, amounts received in

Fiscal year, for 2016

How tax is charged

Income tax, exclusion of charge


Non-UK resident companies

Notification of chargeability

Profits chargeable

Profits, meaning



Source of income

Territorial scope

Trade profits

– see Trade profits

Trade to include office

Trusts, amounts receivable

Trusts, profits accruing under

Winding-up, amounts arising in the course

Chargeable amount, aggregation

Chargeable gains

Charges on income

Amounts paid

Annuities and annual payments, conditions specific to pre-16 March 2005

Charitable donations



Relief for

Claim as revenue deduction

Claim for capital allowances in respect of ships, end sub-lease was to a non-UK resident user


Capital allowances

Consequential claims

Friendly societies


Group relief

Insurance companies

Late claims

Making or amending


Time limits

Claims and elections time limits

Capital allowances


Close companies

– see also Close companies

Apportionment of income among participators


Loan to participator

Misappropriation of funds by director

Shareholder agreement

Subscription for shares payable by instalments

Closure notice and amendment

Club's liability as unincorporated association

Coming within charge


Obligation of company to give notice

Community amateur sports clubs

Companies' appeals in respect of deductibility of contributions made to the EBTs

Company is associated with another company

Company reconstructions

Company share option plans

Company subject to tax without the possibility of an option or of being exempt

Complex group litigation

Costs of first reference to the ECJ

Costs of liability proceedings

Computation of income, income tax principles

Computation of profits

Point of law

Temporary employment subsidy

Controlled foreign companies

Controlled foreign companies charge

Abolition of relief

Counteraction of avoidance arrangements, losses

Creative industry reliefs

Credit for UK or foreign tax on same profits

Credits for tax

– see Tax credits

Currency to be used

– see Currency

De-grouping charges


Declaration under Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992, s. 153A ceasing to have effect


– see Deductions

Deemed charge under Income and Corporation Taxes Act of 1988 (‘ICTA 1988')

Deemed loan transactions under Income and Corporation Taxes Act of 1988 (‘ICTA 1988')

Defences against discovery assessments

Deferred payments to subcontractor

Denied claim for terminal loss relief

Depreciation in stock, adding back of amount deducted

Derivative contracts

– see also Derivative contracts

Amendments of Part 7 of CTA 2009


Matters in respect of which amounts are to be brought into account


Discovery assessment


Disguised distribution arrangements

Derivative contracts

Disguised investment management fees

Dispensation regime, abolition of

Disposal of qualifying corporate bonds

Dispositions allowable for


– see Dividends


Responsibility for

Service of

Double taxation arrangements, giving effect to

Double taxation relief

Before set-off of advance corporation tax

Charges on income


Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988, s. 18, Sch. D, Case V and Pt. XVIII

Insurance company Case I profit/pension business

Onward dividend to UK parent

Remuneration under contract, unilateral relief

Repayment of loans

Resulting reserve paid by way of dividend to overseas subsidiary

Series of intra-group transactions leading to declaration of dividends by overseas subsidiaries

Share subscription by overseas subsidiary in UK subsidiary

Shares cancelled by reduction in capital

Underlying limited to tax paid on true dividends taken to profit

Due dates for payment

Effect of settlement on scope and possible conclusions of enquiry

Election of designated currency by UK resident investment company

Employee share ownership trusts

Employee shares schemes

Employee trusts (funding of)

Employee trusts (satisfying share awards)


– see Enquiries

Enquiry closure notices issued denying tax deduction for derecognition debit under CTA 2009

Enquiry notice on anniversary date of day on which return filed

Enterprise management incentives

Equivalent discovery powers



Amounts which would otherwise be deductible

Bereavement support payment

Board and lodging provided to carers

Dividends or other distributions

FOTRA securities


Housing grants

Incentives to use electronic communications

Savings certificates

VAT repayment supplement

Expenditure on research and development

Amount of relief

Consumable items

Expense of liquidation

Expenses of management

Extension of benefits code except in relation to certain minister of religion

Failure to file returns on time

Filing annual return

Filed in wrong computer format

Film tax relief

Foreign dividends and

Foreign field

Foreign income dividends

Franked investment income


Franked investment income, meaning

Free movement of capital

Freedom of establishment

Friendly societies

From, meaning in Finance Act 1998, Sch. 18, para. 24(2)


Gift aid

Gifts to the nation

Group relief

Group relief (excessive)

Group relief claims

Group relief: payments received for non-supplies


Groups, surrender of tax refund

Historical background

HMRC amendment powers

HMRC's purported amendment of taxpayer's self-assessment return

Holdings treated as rights

Imputation system


Annual payments not otherwise charged

Bad debts

Beneficiaries' estate income

Concept of

Contemplative communities

Derivative contracts

Exemption from corporation tax

Financial futures, gains on

Foreign dividend coupons, sale of

Intangible fixed assets

Intellectual property

Loan relationships

Miscellaneous income

Not otherwise charged

Office holders

Pool betting duty

Property income

Religious communities

Trading income

Types of

Unauthorised unit trusts, distributions from

Woodlands, commercial occupation

Incorporation of reference to assessment and amendment powers in Finance Act 1998, Sch. 18

Increasing rates

Ineligible companies

Meaning of

R&D expenditure credits

Instalment payments

Insufficiency of disclosure

Insurance companies

Intangible fixed assets


Intellectual property

Interaction with other taxes


Overdue tax



Intra-group debt outstanding

Intra-group repo transaction for tax deduction

Investment business

Investment life insurance contracts

JV loan financing

Key dates

April 2021

August 2021

December 2021

February 2022

January 2022

July 2021

June 2021

March 2021

May 2021

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

Key man insurance policy proceeds

Know-how, disposal of

Large companies instalment payments

Late appeals

Late filing penalties

Leased cars

Limits on credit for foreign tax

Amount of

Anti-avoidance provisions

Banks, or connected with a bank

Derivative contracts, hedging relationship


Intangible fixed assets

Loan relationships

Permanent establishment, profits attributable to

Portfolios of transactions/arrangements/assets

Royalty income

Trade income

Loan relationships

– see also Loan relationships


Loan to employees under employee share scheme made by companies

Loans to participators

Loans to participators, charge on

Loss relief

– see Loss relief


'transfer of deduction' TAAR

Agreements to forgo tax relief

Bank failures

Change in company ownership

Change of trader without change in ownership

Corporate venture scheme

Dealings in commodity futures

Film production companies


HMRC toolkit

Leasing plant and machinery

Miscellaneous transactions

Non-resident companies receiving tax-exempt income

Non-trading losses

Property business

Schedule D, Case V losses

Tonnage tax

Trading losses

Write-off of Government investment

Lump sum release payments

Lump sums provided under armed forces early departure scheme

Main object, or one of the main objects, obtain writing down capital allowances

Major change in nature or conduct of trade or business, meaning

Miscellaneous loss relief

Miscellaneous profits and losses

Museum and gallery exhibitions, reliefs

Non-corporate distribution rate, abolition

Non-resident companies

Non-resident companies liability to

Non-resident company, profits from UK branch or agency

Non-resident landlords

Northern Ireland

Notice of coming within charge

Notices to file company tax returns

Notional profits on currency translations

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, exemption from tax

Offset of CIS repayments against

Oil companies

Supplementary charge on ring fence profits

Oil extraction and related activities

– see Oil taxation

Overdue, interest on

– see Interest



– see Interest


Overpayments by customers, sums transferred to profit and loss account

Overseas life assurance company

Overview of legislation

Parking fines

Patent box

Patent profits election

Patent rights

Computation of profit

Licences connected with patents


Relief for expenses

Spreading rules

Pay and file

– see Pay and file

Payment by a company of a facility amount under an Employee Participation Scheme

Payment of advertising costs

Full amount not paid

Payment of tax

Due date

Groups of companies

Instalment payments

Method of

Overpaid/underpaid, interest on


Payment, due and payable dates

Payments in respect of supplies made in discontinued trades chargeable to tax as post-cessation receipts

Payments made wholly and exclusively for the purpose of trade


– see also Penalties

Alleged negligent return

Chargeability, failure to notify

Documents, failure to produce

Errors in returns

Failure to file company tax returns

Group relief claimed under Finance Act 2007, Sch. 24

Late notification of chargeability

Late submission of return

Records, failure to keep and preserve

Returns, failure to make

Period of account

Postponement pending appeal

Pre-trading expenditure

Preferential claims relating to back duty agreement, validity

Preliminary issue

Leave to appeal out of time


Appeal against closure notice

Application for permission for extension of time to appeal to tribunal

Double taxation and imputation, triggered imcompatibility with EU law

Reliance on grounds for amendment not stated in closure notice


Taxation treatment of national and foreign dividends

Profit appropriated to share premium account, excluded from scope of FA 1996, s. 84(2)(a)

Profit on loan notes subject to the charge to corporation tax under loan relationship rules

Profits chargeable

Property authorised investment funds

Proposed exemption for EOT-owned company

Provision of free standing power for tax adjustments

Provisional collection

Purchase by company of own shares

Purchase price of partnership interests, income or capital expenditure

Qualifying private placements

Quarterly instalment payments


Diverted profits rate

Financial years 2005 to 2014

Financial years 2015–2022

Loans to participators

Main rate

Main ring fence profits rate

Marginal relief and effective marginal rates up to 2014

Small ring fence profits rate

Special intellectual property rate

Readily convertible assets

Real estate investment trusts


Realisation or disposal of rental streams

Reasonable grounds for believing appellant overcharged to tax

Reasonableness of continuing enquiry

Recalculated sum chargeable to corporation tax

Receipt of VAT repayment and associated interest

Receipts of payments in respect of overpaid VAT

Records, preservation of

Recovery by set off after abolition of advance corporation tax

Recovery of incorrect repayment

Recovery of tax

Regional development agencies, transfer schemes

Release of debts


Acquisition of shares

Conditions for

Convertible securities

Costs of establishing share scheme

Employee trusts

Mobile employees

Other reliefs

Qualification conditions

Restricted securities

Share incentive plans

Share options

Relief for

Additional cash contributions to trust

Bonus payments

Employee share acquisitions

Funding initial share acquisition

Funding trustees' expenses

Funding trustees' interest payments

Proposal for contributions to an EOT

Proposal for costs on employee share acquisitions

Proposal for establishment costs of an EOT

Share incentive plan

Relief for income and chargeable gains

Rent factoring scheme, assignment of future rent for discounted lump sum

Rental guarantee payments

Repayment of VAT plus interest, trading receipts

Repayment supplement

Research and development, additional relief

Restitution interest payments

Restitution Interest Tax Provisions


Restitution interest, definition

Restriction on relief for company members of LLPs

Restriction on reliefs for company limited partners


– see Returns

Returns, filing deadlines



Controlled foreign companies


– see Enquiries

Groups of companies

Payment of tax


– see Returns

Settle by agreement under Taxes Management Act 1970, s. 54

Share incentive plans


– see Ships

Small and medium enterprises

Small companies accounting records, failure to produce

Small companies rate-associated companies

Small companies' rate

Small companies' relief, associated company

Carrying on any trade or business

Control rights and powers

Family companies, control

Small profits rate

Sponsorship payments

Deductibility of expenditure

Dual purpose of benefiting sports club and taxpayer trade

Statutory schemes

Subject to Sch. 36 provisions

Tax avoidance scheme

Creating large fair value loan relationship debit in parent company

Debits attributable to unallowable purpose

Loan relationships had unallowable purpose

Payment not for business purposes

Subsidiary incurred interest charges on novated loans

Use of total return swap over shares in subsidiary company

Value of shares depressed by novating liability for large loans to subsidiary

Tax credit

Partial imputation system

Tax credits

– see Tax credits

Tax law rewrite project

Taxability of VAT repayment and associated simple interest

Falling due under a mistake-based claim for restitution

Falling due under statutory provisions of VATA 1994, s. 78 and 80

Taxes covered

Television tax relief

Activities treated as separate trade

Terminal film loss relief (excessive)

Territorial extension of charge

Third party errors

Time charter of end user granted by a UK resident company, role satisfied the terms of Capital Allowances Act 2001

Time limits for claims, etc.

Time limits for discovery assessment

Time limits for elections and claims

Tonnage tax

– see Tonnage tax

Total taxable profits, meaning

Trade of dealing in or developing UK land

Trading losses


Loss for a later period

Loss for an earlier period

Trading stock

Transactions in securities

Transfer of an interest in a partnership to a capital company

Agreement on the prevention of double taxation

Preservation of balanced allocation of the power to impose taxes between Member States

Restriction on free movement of capital

Taxation of unrealised capital gains

Value of business asset as part of a going concern

Transfer of contingent, unrecognised, claim against third party to subsidiary in exchange for shares

Transfer of intangible assets not arm's length

Transfer of losses of non-resident company

Trinidad, initial allowances for oil well workers

UK resident companies

Unpaid/overdue, interest on

Unremittable income

Validity of amendment to return made under Finance Act 1998, Sch. 18, para. 34(2A)

Validity of discovery assessment (appeal)

Valuation of trading stock on cessation

Where companies made an advance to employees under scheme

Where debt has any value before occurrence of contingent event

Where employees incurred a debt under scheme

Wholly and exclusively incurred for trading purposes