Advance corporation tax

Advance corporation tax (pre-6 April 1999)

Company purchase scheme, warranties and indemnities

Company with investment business

Corporation tax

Disallowance of trading losses

Capital allowances, calculation of balancing charges

Double taxation prevention


Reconstruction without change in ownership

Restriction of relief

Lessor companies


Capital allowances

Circumstances in which the rules apply

Consequences of the rules applying

Deemed changes in ownership


Leasing companies

Major change in nature or conduct of trade or business, HMRC guidance

Property business/overseas property business

Restriction of trade losses

Rules for ascertaining change in ownership

Shell companies

Major change in nature or conduct of trade


Changes in indirect ownership

Disregard of change in company ownership



When things other than ordinary share capital may be taken into account



Recovery of unpaid corporation tax

Accounting period beginning before change

Accounting period ending on or after change

Assessment, effect of payment in pursuance of

Associated company

Attribution of rights

Control, meaning

Interest on

Linked person, meaning

Relevant period, meaning

Shell companies, restriction of relief

Apportionment of amounts

Debits to be brought into account


Intangible fixed assets, non-trading loss

Loan relationships, carry forward of non-trading deficit from

Notional split of accounting period

Time limit for assessment