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Transfer of

Acquisition of sites for tipping waste material

Allowance for calculating capital gain


Capital allowances

Capital or revenue

Case law

Cash basis

Cash basis landlords

Cemeteries and crematoria

Costs of acquiring a business



Australian approaches

Capital withdrawn from/employed in business

Case examples

Costs of acquiring a business


Enduring benefit test

Fixed and circulating capital

Payments to cancel agreements

Periodical payments

Recurrent expenditure

Restrictive covenants

Simplified expenses

Deductions disallowed in calculation of profits of trade

Depreciation in stock

Derivative contracts

Disallowance of

Domestic items, replacement of


Employee trust fund payments

Exchange rate loss on repayment of foreign loans

Fees for vocational training

Flat-rate scheme

Future costs on abandonment of oil field

Gas pipes, repairs or renewals



Legal fees incurred in a planning dispute

Loan relationships

Lump sum paid for release of annuity

Maintenance costs (distinguished)


Oil taxation

Overseas tax regimes

Patent rights

– see Patents

Plant and machinery

Purchase of a business, employees outstanding leave payments

Release of obligation/cancellation of agreement

Remediation of contaminated land

Rent guarantee payments

Replacement of domestic items

Restrictive terms associated with loan arrangement

Sea walls

Significance of


Sum employed or intended to be employed as capital in trade

Surrender of onerous lease

Timing of

Additional VAT liability

Anti-avoidance provisions

Credit period exceeding four months

Delivery date


Milestone contracts

Promissory conditions

VAT incurred