– see also Trust income

Abatement of exemption, claim settled out of own resources

Absolute entitlement, capital gains tax

Ability to give good receipt

Absolutely entitled, meaning of

Annuity, existence of

Base cost

Date not dependant on distribution

Deemed disposals

Exemptions and reliefs


Hold-over relief

Interest acquired for money/money's worth

Joint entitlement against trustee


Rights to consider

Scots law, application

Similarity of interest

Sub-fund elections

Successive interest, distinction between joint entitlement and

Termination of life interest

Termination of life interest on death

Trust for sale ignored

Trustee's lien

Undivided shares in land

Winding up settlement, beneficiaries' agreement

Absolute entitlement, income tax

Absolute entitlement, inheritance tax

Absolute interest in residue

Adjusted assessments on completion of administration


Business passing to beneficiary

Deficiency of income

Discretionary payments

Dispensing with administration period

Following limited interest


Inheritance tax paid, relief for

Non-residuary interests

Specific legatees

Successive interests in residue

Sums paid during administration period

Tax-free annuities

Will annuities

Accumulation and maintenance trusts, age and class

Agreement with, self-dealing rule


Appointment of benefits to

Ascertaining residuary income


After death

Before death

Bare trusts

Minors and incapacitated persons

Partnership income

Persons sui juris

Capital gains tax



Interest acquired for money/money's worth

Losses deducted from attributed gains

Non-resident trusts

Private residence relief


Capital payments treated as income


Income in beneficiary's hands

Chargeable gains

Absolute entitlement to settled property

Capital payments by offshore trusts to

Non-UK resident settlements, attribution of gains

Charitable/non-charitable, allocation of exemption

Children of principle as against trustees, absolute entitlement

Children, payments made for relevant child of settlor


Companies as

Companies, discretionary payments made to

Consultation with, on land

Contingent interest

Corporation tax

Costs of maintaining

Deed of variation


Disclaimer of interest in settled property

Discretionary or accumulation trusts, payments out of

Discretionary settlements


Accumulated income

Applicable rate


Residuary beneficiaries

Domiciled outside UK, excluded property

Double taxation relief

Estates in administration

Exempt trust income

Future, survival

General and specific legatees


Identifying, status of


Income tax

Income tax liability

Inheritance tax

Allocation of tax burden

Charging provisions

Deed of variation




Loans to

Inheritance tax, limited liability

Inter-American Development Bank, income from

Interest in possession

Arrangement/transfer associated operations

Cases where interest arises on or after 22 March 2006

Disposal for maintenance of beneficiary's family

Disposal for money or money's worth

Disposal of

Entitlement on attaining 21


Immediate post-death interest

Sole beneficiaries, discretionary trusts

Subject to trustees' powers


Transitional serial interests

Treatment of

Interests in estates

Intermediate income, entitlement

Legatees, meaning

Liability for tax

Conditionally exempt transfers


Limitation of

Personal exemptions, application of

Limited interest in residue


Payments treated as net of tax

Sums paid during administration period

Loans to



Non-resident beneficiaries, estates in administration

Non-resident beneficiaries, UK settlements

Double taxation agreements


Interests in possession

Non-resident trusts

– see also Non-resident trusts

Apportionment of gains

Attribution of gains to

Capital payments

Charge to tax

Deductions from taxable income, discrimination

Dual resident settlements

Information powers

Inter-settlement transfers of property

Interaction with income tax charge

Matching capital payments with gains

Migration of settlements

Non-domiciled beneficiaries

Reporting requirements

Section 2(2) amount

Supplementary charge

Transitional provisions

Non-resident, deposit-takers deduction of tax at source

Occupation by

Occupation of dwelling-house, trustees' permission given

Occupation of trust property

Exercise of powers under Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996


Tenants in common

Offshore funds, computation of tax

Overseas estates

Overseas settlements

Partial entitlement

Participators in close companies, employee trusts

Payments on behalf of

Personal exemptions, application of to trustees

Power to augment income

Powers to raise tax

Private residence relief

Protective trusts

Purchase of land after transferor's death

Relief for annuities from unused funds

Residuary beneficiaries

Distributions to


Residuary income, ascertaining

Reversionary interest acquired by

Right to be informed

School fees

Settlor as

Stamp duty land tax

Interests under certain trusts

Reallocation of trust property between beneficiaries

Successions, machinery and plant

Trust income

– see Trust income

Trustees as

Types of beneficiaries


Valuation of assets at date of death, capital gains tax

Vested interest

Vulnerable beneficiaries, settlements with

Claims for special income tax treatment

Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Disabled person, meaning

Disabled persons, qualifying trusts

Effect of special income tax treatment




Intestacy and statutory trusts

Management expenses

Mixed trusts, qualifying trusts

Non-resident trustees and beneficiaries

Partially qualifying settlements

Qualifying trusts

Relevant minors, qualifying trusts for

Special income tax treatment, claims for and effect of

Vulnerable person, meaning

Will trusts

Vulnerable persons

Vulnerable, trusts for