Apportionment of sums partly referable to non-qualifying assets

Approved body, meaning



Old expenditure only

Balancing adjustments

Adjusted net costs

Balancing events


Disentitlement of allowance, anti-avoidance provision

Proceeds from balancing events

Relevant period of ownership

Starting expenditure

When made

Dwelling-house, meaning

Expenditure on construction of a building


Giving effect to allowances and charges

Lease, meaning

Partnerships, effect of changes

Qualifying dwelling-houses

Ceasing to be qualifying dwelling-house


Landlord, requirements relating to

Qualifying expenditure

Attributable to dwelling-house

Capital expenditure on construction

Purchase of dwelling-house sold unused by developer

Purchase of unused dwelling-house where developer not involved

Residue attributable to dwelling-house

Relevant interest in the building

Effect of creation of subordinate interest

General rule



Interest acquired on completion of construction

Merger of leasehold interest

Termination of lease

Sales being for an alternative amount

Writing off qualifying expenditure attributable to dwelling-house

Balancing adjustments made

Demolition costs

Initial allowances

Periods when building not used as qualifying dwelling-house

Writing-down allowances

Writing-down allowances

Calculation, basic rule

Calculation, sale of relevant interest

Entitlement to

Limited to residue of qualifying expenditure attributable to dwelling-house