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## A {#IDAAG20G}
TCM0132020 Access to DWP Data
TCM1000349 Accutrac – How to send a case to storage using Accutrac
TCM1000350 Accutrac – How to request documents stored on Accutrac
TCM0036020 Address – change
TCM0304100 Address changed to non-UK / non-EEA – temporary or permanent
TCM0048060 Address/work change – country outside UK
TCM0062060 Agent – authorisation
TCM0042020 Age-related WTC eligibility (Info)
TCM0118040 Allowable deductions from income (Info)
TCM0022040 Amend effective date – backdating
TCM0022060 Amend effective date – forward dating
TCM0042040 Amend Finish screen – correct completion (Info)
TCM0256020 Annual Declaration – disregard
TCM0256060 Annual Declaration – February 1 to April 5 – Manage Finalisation Team only
TCM0256040 Annual Declaration – Late declaration received – consider new claim
TCM0256080 Annual Declaration – manual Annual Declaration – issuing and processing
TCM0254040 Annual Declaration – manual capture
TCM0256200 Annual Declaration – manual capturing a new claim – for late declarations helpcard
TCM0256120 Annual Declaration – manual duplicate Annual Declaration
TCM0256160 Annual Declaration – manually issue notice – record date (Info)
TCM0254080 Annual Declaration – manually log
TCM0254100 Annual Declaration – reply required and automatic renewal
TCM0256180 Annual Declaration – record as not served
TCM0256220 Annual Declaration – referral from Manual Capture team
TCM0254120 Annual Declaration – reminders
TCM0254140 Annual Declaration – returning
TCM0256240 Annual Declaration – S17 Notice group box (Info)
TCM0254220 Annual Declaration – specified dates
TCM0254240 Annual Declaration – validation check failures
TCM0012020 Appeals glossary
TCM0014020 Appeals – Mandatory Reconsideration – initial action
TCM0014030 Appeals – Mandatory Reconsideration process
TCM0012230 Appeals – response writers – consider what information can be disclosed
TCM0014040 Appeals stage 1 – initial appeal action
TCM0014160 Appeals stage 3 – settlement by agreement
TCM0014200 Appeals stage 4 – preparing the response
TCM0014220 Appeals stage 4 – preparing the response – late appeals
TCM0014240 Appeals stage 4 – preparing the response – supplementary response required
TCM0014280 Appeals stage 5 – other procedures prior to Tribunal decision
TCM0014320 Appeals stage 6 – action on receipt of Tribunal decision
TCM0014360 Appeals stage 7 – consideration of appeal to Upper Tribunal
TCM0240030 Applicant Failed Payments work list – recalls
TCM0152040 Application Notes (Info)
TCM0152060 Application Notes and Household Notes – correct completion
TCM0240040 Authorise or reject user requested payments – URP Authorisers Team
TCM0132120 Award calculation (Introduction)
TCM0132140 Award calculation stage 1 – Establishing award periods and entitlement periods (Info)
TCM0132160 Award calculation stage 2 – Calculating maximum entitlement due for each entitlement period (Info)
TCM0132200 Award calculation stage 3a – Determine if income adjustments due (Info)
TCM0132220 Award calculation stage 3b – Income periods (Info)
TCM0132240 Award calculation stage 3c – Calculating income adjustments (Info)
TCM0132260 Award calculation stage 3d – Income equal to, or less than, taper start point (Info)
TCM0132280 Award calculation stage 3e – Income greater than taper start point (Info)
TCM0132300 Award calculation stage 3f – Compare taper amount to entitlement amount (Info)
TCM0132320 Award calculation stage 3g – Tapering next entitlement (Info)
TCM0132340 Award calculation stage 4 – Calculating total of each award (Info)
TCM0334000 Award Declaration (STC – capture)
TCM0338000 Award Declaration (STC – general)
TCM0182020 Award notice (Introduction)
TCM0182200 Award notices – View Award function and Reconciliation details cross-referencing table (Info)
## B {#IDA3I30G}
TCM0022100 Backdating – general
TCM0236040 Bacs payment missing
TCM0282060 Bacs payments – missing (Bank Liaison)
TCM0062100 Bank account details missing
TCM0282100 Bank accounts – foreign
TCM0282120 Bank and building society accounts – invalid accounts (Bank Liaison)
TCM0314000 Bank Details Guide: contents
TCM0240020 Bank Liaison – Applicant Failed Payment – £2,000 or under
TCM0282020 Bank Liaison Team (Introduction)
TCM0046020 Bank or building society account change / payment frequency
TCM0022140 Benefit interest present – backdating
TCM0048100 Benefit start/end dates
TCM0302040 Birth certificates – replacement requests
TCM0302080 Birth certificates – Valuables team only
## C {#IDA5S30G}
TCM0220040 Calculate and schedule manual payments and BF maintenance – Manual Payments Team only
TCM0220080 Calculating and scheduling manual payments – TCO
TCM0126020 Calculating the hours (Info)
TCM0062020 Capture application (Introduction)
TCM0042060 Capture correction
TCM0138320 Capturing and amending a claim
TCM0062120 Capturing a new claim
TCM0124020 Carers (Info)
TCM0302120 Cashcheques – returned automatic cashcheques
TCM0304150 ###

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