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In s. 636A, in the heading, the words “Exemptions and liabilities” substituted for the word “Exemption” by FA 2016, s. 22 and Sch. 5, para. 2(2) with effect in relation to lump sums paid after 15 September 2016 (Royal Assent).

636A(1)  No liability to income tax arises on a lump sum paid under a registered pension scheme if the lump sum is–

(a)a pension commencement lump sum,

(b)a serious ill-health lump sum paid to a member who has not reached the age of 75,

(c)a refund of excess contributions lump sum, or

(ca)a transitional 2013/14 lump sum,

(d)[omitted by F(No. 2)A 2015, s. 22(3)(b),]

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