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140(1)  In Schedule 6 to the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (retirement relief etc.), paragraph 13(1) (amount available for relief: basic rule) shall have effect, in relation to qualifying disposals in a year of assessment specified in the first column of the following Table, as if–

(a)for the references to £250,000 there were substituted references to the amount specified in the second column of that Table; and

(b)for the reference to £1 million there were substituted a reference to the amount specified in the third column of that Table.

Year £250,000 £1 million
1999–00 £200,000 £800,000
2000–01 £150,000 £600,000
2001–02 £100,000 £400,000
2002–03  £50,000 £200,000

140(2)  The following provisions, namely–

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