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141(1)  In this Part the following expressions are defined or otherwise explained by the provisions indicated–

Expression Where explained
basic life assurance and general annuity business (abbreviated to “BLAGAB”) sections 57 and 67(5)
BLAGAB trade loss section 136
BLAGAB trade profit section 136
closing section 139(1)
contract of insurance section 64
contract of long-term insurance section 64
debiting or crediting an amount in accounts drawn up by a company section 139(2) and (3)
derivative contract section 139(1)
excess BLAGAB expenses section 73
fair value section 139(1)
HMRC Commissioners section 139(1)
I – E profit section 73
the I – E rules section 70(1) and (2)
insurance business transfer scheme section 139(1)
insurance company section 65
insurance special purpose vehicle section 139(1)
liabilities section 139(1)
life assurance business section 56
long-term business section 63(1)
long-term business fixed capital section 137
matched (in case of assets matched to a BLAGAB liability or other long-term business liability) section 138
non-BLAGAB long-term business sections 66 and 67
non-taxable distributions section 94(4) and (5)
overseas life insurance company section 139(1)
PHI business section 63(2)
re-insurance section 139(1)
UK life insurance company section 139(1)
with-profits fund section 139(1)

141(2)  The expressions in the above table have the same meaning in any other provision of the Corporation Tax Acts that makes special provision in relation to–

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