Welcome to the BEPS Resource Library.

BEPS Resource Library provides BEPS-related news, thought leadership, editorial and OECD guidance, primary sources, and tools in one location for practitioners who must comply with, or give advice to those who must comply with the OECD's Action Plan on BEPS around the world. It provides easy access to the ever-changing rules for determining the application of BEPS to multinationals and advisors of such multinationals across multiple jurisdictions. The product is updated as new developments come out.

  • Daily news monitoring the OECD actions and any impact in individual jurisdictions.
  • In-depth articles and expert guidance from leaders in international taxation, as well as guidance on key issues and the changing BEPS landscape.
  • Individual country-by-country analysis on the actions taken by jurisdictions to implement the OECD Action Plan — covering over 60 jurisdictions, including the EU.
  • Country-specific laws implementing BEPS.

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