Academies Audit System

Academies Audit System provides everything you need for auditing the accounts of an academy.

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ACAD is authored and updated by our in-house team of experts in consultation with our editorial review panel. Details of updates are set out in the What's changed section for the previous 12 months and before.

The ACAD toolkit contains a detailed tailoring questionnaire and automatically hides worksheets and rows that are not relevant to your audit. The website includes extensive guidance notes of how to complete the audit programmes.

New and existing users should download the template file above, save it to the Firm’s preferred location and then follow the instructions in the quick start guide for creating a client file. We recommend you download a new template file for each audit so that you are confident you are working with the latest version of ACAD.

This programme requires macros to be enabled. For further guidance on system settings in the ‘Troubleshooting’ section and an overview of how to use the Excel work programmes please see our quick start guide:

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Compatibility: This tool is not compatible with versions of Excel prior to 2007 and with Mac computers.