Practical Guide to the Companies Act

Entrepreneurs and businesses will often come up with attractive-sounding ideas and schemes, but not realise that there may be legal issues which may restrict or prevent their coming to fruition.

This guide provides a comprehensive, practical guide to company law for all people involved with forming and managing companies.

It explains and interprets the Companies Act 2006, emphasising the importance of keeping abreast of current law and the implications of not following it. It also shows how company law can provide opportunities for management as well as safeguards.

The structure of the guide broadly follows the logical order of the Companies Act parts, and case law and other statutes are referred to where relevant. The legal provisions most relevant to those setting up and running companies are summarised, and ways in which the law can offer practical opportunities as well as necessary restrictions are considered. There a number of useful appendices such as model articles, details of fees, penalties and checklists.

See What’s changed for details of past updates, STOP PRESS for information on future updates and About the Authors for details on the expert company law and accounting authors David Duvall MA FCA and James Lole FCA.