CGT and the Private Residence (7th edition) is a leading work for those who advise on residential property transactions. Private Residence Relief from capital gains tax is a relief that contains traps for the unwary but also opportunities for the well-informed.

Updated to reflect recent case law and recent legislation, this complete resource on the subject will provide answers to the following problematic issues:

  • How much of the land held with a house can be sold tax-free?
  • What does recent case law have to say about what it takes to make a house a true "residence"?
  • Can CGT relief be claimed on a house used for business on which income tax allowances have been given?
  • How much time can be spent away from the home without losing CGT relief?
  • What are the implications of a divorce for CGT on the family home?

About the author:

As a leading, independently owned, financial and professional services group, Smith & Williamson has been looking after the financial affairs of individuals, families and businesses for more than a century.